TrueGift would like to sincerely thank all the donors and volunteers who help to make this operation possible. Together, we have delivered supplies to approximately 500 classes over the past six years. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Here's what teachers are saying about TrueGift:

"Thank you for the supplies we might not have received otherwise. Now we can do our jobs!"
-- B. Matesse, Vargas Elementary School

"Wow! Words cannot express my deep gratitude for my donated items. Glue sticks and dull pencils will not be a issue this year -- Hooray!!"
-- P. Alvarado, Vargas Elementary School

"Thank you for the journals and pencils. Thanks to you, my students each have their own place to write their thoughts. Every week, I respond to the students. It has been an incredible way to build relationships with students. Thanks again."
-- A. Keicher

"Thanks to your donation, my students have more supplies to enhance their learning experience. My colleagues and I really appreciate your generosity."
-- K. Liu, Gunderson High School

"Your gift has enabled me to continue to provide my students with crucial primary and secondary source readings while saving much time and money. Thank you so much for continuing to support teachers!"
-- P. Glasser, Pioneer High School

"Beyond the basics, I ant to ensure my students always have the arts in their curriculum. Thank you for making that possible!"
-- Ms. McGonegle, Cesar Chavez Elementary School

"Thank you! Kinder kids will do art this year. We love your foundation!"
-- J. Argamedos, Vargas Elementary School

"Thank you so much for the markers and glue sticks, which are like gifts from Santa Claus!"
-- S. Lin, Meyerholz Elementary School

"Thank you so much for all the supplies!! We could not make it without the extra stuff. Bless you!"
-- J. Maddox, Vargas Elementary School

"Thank you so much -- not only for the gifts, but for caring so much about teachers. You are a very special person, and your kindness is greatly appreciated."
-- B. Hall, Vargas Elementary School

"Thank you so much for your goodwill and the many, many hours you must spend helping us. What a treasure you are!"
-- C. Chursenoff

"My students will be very grateful when I tell them how lucky we are -- blessed, actually."
-- T. Aden-Llewellyn, Etiwanda High School

"I would like to say THANK YOU TrueGift for the donation of classroom supplies for our kindergarten classroom. They really come in handy for the children who didn't bring any supplies with them to school."
-- B. Landry, Amite, Louisiana

"Your donation of paper, colored pencils, and notebooks allowed one of our Spanish classes to translate and re-draw children's books, so that we can send both English and Spanish versions to a children's literacy program."
-- J. Schmidt, LPS San Jose

"I was truly speechless as your donations appeared in my classroom... You have made us all feel valued, appreciated and supported."
-- M. Psycharis, Juan Cabrillo Middle School, Santa Clara

"It certainly was a Happy New Year today as I opened my box of donations. What a nice way to begin 2007! Your generosity will help my students continue to succeed. Thank you again for all you do for students!"
-- C. D'Arcy, O.B. Whaley School, San Jose

"As you have heard in the news, school budgets are being reduced, allowing teachers less money for necessary supplies like paper, crayons -- all of the things you help get for us. My students and I thank you from the bottoms of our hearts."
-- C. D'Arcy, O.B. Whaley School, San Jose

"As a new teacher, I cannot tell you how helpful it is to have organizations like yours assisting me in providing my students with essential tools for education. I greatly appreciate your generosity!"
-- N. Smith, Ponderosa Elementary School, Sunnyvale

"When they saw all the materials, my students asked, 'Mrs. Weddle, how much did you have to pay for this stuff?' They were so surprised when I told them it was a free gift from people I've never met. Thank you so much! Your work is not going unnoticed."
-- C. Weddle

"It is so much easier to teach a class when everyone has the supplies they need to learn. Though I purchase many supplies on my own, it is difficult to satisfy every child's needs. It is so heartwarming to know that there are people such as your donors who care."
-- J. Gabriele

"When I broke the tape on the box, I could smell the crayons, and I got so excited. I cannot thank you enough for helping 'my' kids have the supplies they need to succeed in first grade this year!"
-- K. Meek, Geyer Springs Elementary, Little Rock, AR

"Today I received a shipment that made me feel like Christmas in September! I am fighting back tears because I just did not have the personal funds to buy all that is so direly needed for my students. I cannot find words enough, expressive enough, to convey my utmost gratitude."
--V. Evans, 52nd Street School