It has come to our attention that many classrooms are chronically short on supplies. That might be because most teachers have to buy their own. We at TrueGift Donations are dedicated to helping out; you can too! Here are the top ten reasons to contribute:

10. Your contribution is usually tax deductible.

9. Free Delivery -- You can send supplies to school with your child or bring them to a parent-teacher conference.

8. The school district spends less on supplies for your child in a year than you spend on lunch at Denny's.

7. You can find out exactly what is needed by checking the list for your child's classroom on

6. For under $50, you can make a real difference in your child's classroom. For $150, you can double the amount of supplies available. Hallway full of boxes

5. Nothing improves classroom morale like something new.

4. Would you want your child's teacher to have to skip yoru favorite subject just to save paper?

3. It energizes your child's teacher to do something innovative with new supplies.

2. Unlike many charities, every dime from TrueGift gets used in your child's classroom.

1. No one cares more about your child's education more than you do!

TrueGift encourages direct donations of supplies to classrooms. However, for those who would rather, TrueGift headquarters acepts directed cash donations, 100% of which go toward supplies for the specified school or classroom.