The Mission of TrueGift Donations

1. Provide School Supplies to K-12 Schools in the United States Boxes of supplies

School supplies are one of the lowest expenses in our schools but one of the first cut in tight budgets. Good school supplies mean better activities and better use of classroom time. Currently, teachers make up the shortfall by spending an average of more than $700 per teacher per year from their own paychecks. Some children have enough crayons and scissors, but many do not. Sufficient school supplies always improve the school.

2. Provide a Link Between Donors and Teachers

We encourage donors to have a direct connection with the teachers and children they help. We respect donors' preferences with regard to how their donations should be spent. We make our gift lists available to any who want to drop off school supplies at their local schools. Finally, we provide a forum for teachers to specify exactly what school supplies they want and explain why these supplies help. It is our hope to link donors to our teachers so that each can appreciate the other.

3. Be Insanely Efficient

We strive for leverage of money in removing education problems. We have no paid employees, contractors, or board members. We have no offices. We purchase most of our supplies during the least expensive month of the yearly cycle. The founders pay for all overhead expenses. We strive to prove that an innovative solution can have a slim overhead.