People just like you!

Many anonymous donors have provided funding for TrueGift Donations. Some have also provided school supplies directly to teachers throughout the country. We thank you all!

PG&E Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, incorporated in 1905, is one of the largest combinations of natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. They have helped TrueGift Donations by providing supplies for distribution, contributions, and matching grants to the contributions of its employees.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car works to fulfill the automobile rental, leasing, and car sales and related needs of its customers, and, in doing so, to exceed their expectations for service, quality, and value. Enterprise employees in the greater San Francisco Bay Area collected a truckload of supplies for local schools.

Target Target Corporation

Target's goals have been to give guests the best products at the best value, and to give generously to the communities in which Target does business. Target has helped by providing high-quality school supplies at very competitive prices.

Graduate School of Management at UC Davis Graduate School of Management UC Davis

The Graduate School of Management at UC Davis offers a rigorous curriculum taught by world-class faculty, and the opportunity to work and learn with the future business leaders of tomorrow. Mike Buhlerr, Dalvinder Malhotra, and Hugh Merriam undertook a project conducting interviews and market research to help better understand how TrueGift Donations would be received in the real world.